Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool Access denied solution

I have tested digiprog3 v4.94 odometer correction tool on Opel Astra 2013 and Audi A8L 2007. 

DigiProg3 Prompt to Plug 16 connectors
So I connect the ST16 OBD II Diagnostic connector

My car running Old 98129 miles

After manually enter the new mileage, the DigiProg 3 display an error message ACCESS DENIED
Actually 98000 miles

Then I have test some other models Chevrolet Cruze 
VW Polo 2010 all via OBD way, still not luck to get them well communicated.

EEPROM changed
Was 25160 became 24s16.

24s16 changed at 95160,

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