Digiprog 3 DigiProg III "ERROR NO CONNECTION" solution

I have been using Digiprog 3 v4.94 mileage programmer from obdii365.com for several months. The tool used to work well. But today, when I tried to use it to correct mileage for an Audi A4 of the year 2000, a window popped up, saying “ERROR NO CONNECTION”. I have also tested it on another A4 of the year 2006, and the error message showed up again. What could be the problem? Is the tool broken? Below is a photo of the problem. Please help. Urgently. Thanks.
Dear David,
According to the error message you provide, I guess you are connecting the tool via OBD2 port, right? However, according to Digiprog3 odometer correction tool manual book, to program mileage for most cars before 2008, you will have to disassemble the dashboard and get access to the mileage chip. Then you will need to use ST01, ST04 or other cables rather than OBD2 cable to clip the chip and let the chip communicate with the DP3.

The Digiprog iii will tell you if you need to disassemble the dashboard, as well as which cable you should use to do mileage programming for the car.
Solution: You can disconnect the tool, connect it to your car again, and pay attention to system prompts to determine how to do the programming.
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Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool Access denied solution

I have tested digiprog3 v4.94 odometer correction tool on Opel Astra 2013 and Audi A8L 2007. 

DigiProg3 Prompt to Plug 16 connectors
So I connect the ST16 OBD II Diagnostic connector

My car running Old 98129 miles

After manually enter the new mileage, the DigiProg 3 display an error message ACCESS DENIED
Actually 98000 miles

Then I have test some other models Chevrolet Cruze 
VW Polo 2010 all via OBD way, still not luck to get them well communicated.

EEPROM changed
Was 25160 became 24s16.

24s16 changed at 95160,


Digiprog3 v4.94 change Isuzu D-Max odometer

Recently a obdii365.com customer has successfully programmed his Isuzu D-MAX odometer with Digiprog 3 Digiprog III odometer correction tool. Below are some pictures he shared us about how he did the job:
Digiprog3 V4.94