Digiprog3 V4.94 Renault Laguna HC12 ST51 Pinout

Got Digiprog3 v4.94 clone package last week, with 4-day delivery from China; and have succeeded in mileage correction with this device for my Renault Laguna 2002. Put my experience here for sharing.
My digiprog iii for Renault Laguna
With Digiprog 3 Odometer master, I have changed Renault km with the cable ST51, my cable comes with the following pinout:
Black -> pin 13
Brown -> pin 18
Orange -> pin 25
Red -> pin 17
Those connections (and colors) are wrong, so I desoldered them, and solder on the correct pins:
Black -> pin 13
Brown -> pin 14
Orange -> pin 21
Red -> pin 22
From the manuals that came with the clone DIGIPROG III, i found that they use different colors (Green, Yellow, Brown and White), so i considered the following:
Black -> Brown
Brown -> White
Orange -> Yellow
Red -> Green
That is, in my case (Renault Laguna 2002 HC12), I just follow the next image and connect the ST51 cable correctly with the clone Digiprog 3 odometer correction tool:

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